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Why hello there! In the tunnels and passages of our Belgrade-based nest, you will find hardworking Ants who love to craft some of the most engaging educational and commercial animations around. This is our colony, we are Ant House Studio!


Marija Jaćimović

Marija Jacimovic

Co-founder and owner of Ant House Studio, Marija is the Animating Ant of the colony. Somewhat of our Queen too, Marija absolutely loves to bring motion to beautiful textures, shapes and colors. An editor by trade, Marija learnt her skills at the FDU in Belgrade, Serbia, and at the Free University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Before turning her attention to animation, she gained professional experience working on a bunch of television commercials, music videos, short and long feature films, documentaries, corporate films, television programs and reality shows. When not painstakingly animating, Marija loves to go outdoors and discover new faraway places!

Write to her at marija@anthousestudio.com


Benoit Detalle
Co-founder and ownBenoit Detalleer of Ant House Studio, Benoit is the Writing Ant of the colony. He loves to think up interesting ideas and concepts that have the potential to really touch the viewer. Having studied Geography and Anthropology, it is perhaps not surprising to find out that Benoit loves to travel and has lived and worked in Brussels, Edinburgh, Berlin, Sarajevo and Belgrade! Professionally, Benoit has worked with Johan Grimonprez and Bjørn Melhus, as well as on a huge variety of different media and cultural projects. On his walks away from the nest, Benoit loves to uncover fragments of stories he comes across on his blog benoitdetalle.com.

Write to him at benoit@anthousestudio.com


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